Phone Registry Review & Free Trial: Legit or Scam? {2023 Update}

This is a January 2020 update of our Phone Registry review, Here, we aim to give you all the details you need so you make a better buying decision about this reverse phone lookup tool. Some people are also looking for a free trial. We'll talk about that too.

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What Is Phone Registry?

Nowadays, with the enormous improvements made in telecommunications, it becomes so easy for people to mask their identities for wrong purposes and at times outright evil reasons. Fortunately, it has become just as easy to uncover the identity of virtually anyone simply using his or her numbers with Phone Registry. is one of the accomplished number lookup service providers, rated 3 stars and falling just slightly below Phone Detective. It has a very direct and simple platform, which makes it easy for users to simply input the number they wish to look up and press the “search” button. It then takes about two (2) minutes for the search engine to compile all the available information regarding the number's owner and present it.

The convenience in the platform is that it collects and provides just as much information on unlisted numbers from both mobile phones and landlines as listed numbers. The platform also comes with great features such as:

1. A Vast Database

search multiple databasesThe platform boasts of a database of over 300 million phone numbers. This covers a majority of phone users, making it hard for users to come up empty on a search, with odds of 1:300,000,000. What's more, this reverse phone directory database is continually growing as more users add numbers to the platform and more people purchase and register their numbers.

2. Comprehensive Information Compilation

The purpose is to uncover the identity of a number's owner. However, the platform does more than just this as it compiles diverse details regarding the owner.

For starters, it provides marital status and information regarding the person's relations, including their address and relatives. It also provides information about the person's legal track, highlighting suspicious characters by both name and zip code. For business people, the platform can also provide information regarding the person's profession, business history and even other business relations.
Users thinking of moving to a new estate can also perform a comprehensive check of their future neighbors to determine the level of safety.

3. Reverse IP Address Lookup

In addition to looking up numbers, you can also look up an IP address on any communications gadget, including smartphones, tablets and computers among others. All you need to do is type in the IP address and you will get information, including the IP's current location and its user.

4. Quick

In spite of the vast database, it takes the search engines about two minutes to compile all the relevant information linked to a number.

5. Legal

For most people, using Phone Registry for the first time may feel wrong considering the vast information presented. Besides, such capabilities were once only shown in Hollywood big screens.

However, the process and the services are legal, as the platform is registered and fully licensed. To this end, users do not have to worry about running into trouble with law enforcers for performing background checks on friends, relatives and virtually anyone whose number may be relevant.

6. Round-The-Clock Customer Support

The platform guarantees users of instant and comprehensive results on a vast array of different numbers. However, should a certain number miss from the database, you can always contact customer care to follow up and update the database where possible.

To facilitate this, the platform has a stand-by customer care team that is always available at any time of the day, every day.

How To Use Phone Registry

reverse phone sample reportUsing the services of this platform for the first time is easy and fast. To get started, all you need to do is input the relevant phone number and press the search button. The platform then redirects you to a set-up page where you should register to add to the about 100,000 members so far.

However, you need to pay $1 for the trial search – so it's not a free trial. After you have paid the small fee, the search engines resume the search and provide all the relevant information about the number’s owner. Furthermore, you are treated as a member of the huge community of users from hence on, and can perform reverse number lookups on any number, as many times as you may wish.


Phone Registry offers you a great chance to gain the surety and confidence that is so vital when dealing with phone communication. To this end, you can uncover identities and details about suspicious callers, novice business associates, and even friends and families for a better understanding of the people around you.

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