Background Check

In our current day and age, knowing a person's background can be extremely helpful. In some cases it can even be essential, if you’re a parent and someone “suspicious” becomes close to your child, you could know many things about such person. It also applies when you're an employer who needs to check on your potential employees or business partners. There are other many reasons why you might need to do a background check.

Why Do A Background Check?

criminal recordsAn online background check is ideal for getting fast and accurate information on a person. Whether you are checking as a pre-employment condition, a part of due diligence, for the sake of litigation, or something related to a romantic relationship, an online check will provide the information that you just need.

Within minutes, you will have in your hands aliases, former addresses, criminal records, and more. There is no long wait times nor heavy fees that are commonly associated with private investigators or other traditional methods.
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A thorough check consists of the following.

  • Criminal records
  • S*x offender registry information
  • DUI/DWI records
  • Court records
  • Arrest records
  • Warrant information
  • Police records
  • Address history
  • Death records
  • Birth records
  • Marital records
  • Associates and relatives
  • Property records
  • Phone number history
  • Felonies and convictions
  • Aliases
  • Property records


check his backgroundI give eVerify a 5-star rating. It definitely offers a lot more in terms of features and even has a much better and cheaper pricing structure. You also can't overlook the fact that you can try this website for free for a 5-day period, so you really don’t have anything to lose.

With this service, you are provided with information that has been gathered from the very best within the industry as well as governmental information directories. The search results are complete and comprehensive and have been derived from the most up-to-date information resources.

It provides the options of searching private search listings that have been specialized into four search options that include: social media, criminal records, background and people. Additionally, this is a service allows you to remain expressly abreast of any changes within any of the records provided to you via membership access. This is due to the service’s state-of-the-art system of public records.

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uncover the truth behind anyone's backgroundI give Verispy a 4-star rating. It is a comprehensive background checking tool that offers a variety of information ranging from a person’s address history to full criminal records. Their advanced lookup system delivers accurate and almost instant results. One great positive is that their databases are consistently and continuously expanding and the information is derived from both public and private sources. The services are budget friendly, user-friendly and unlimited.

However, it is expensive – with a single report costing the same amount as a monthly subscription over at eVerify.

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Background Report 360

background report 360 imageI give Background Report 360 a 4-star rating. It advertises that it can give its users a full check within a matter of 30 seconds. This is also a service that seems geared towards the extreme novice regarding online checks.

One positive note about the service is that if you do not immediately opt for one of their plan options (either a single report or a single year membership), a live chat box will appear offering a discount on the services.

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search nowI give Inteligator a 3-star rating. It claims that it has the ability to access the following:

  • More than 3500 county court records
  • 50 state appellate court records
  • More than 30 years of address histories that have been derived from over 1000 different sources
  • Nation court records
  • S*x offender records from all 50 states
  • Greater than 300 million criminal records

With the purchase of a membership, the searches are unlimited, and the service does allow for users to search inmate records as well. The pricing is on par with most other services, but with no discounts publicized or offered.

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In Conclusion

eVerify appears to be the clear choice due to its abundant databases as well as the fact that users are provided with updates on the information that they have been originally given. Additionally, although many of the services advertise swift, comprehensive results from thousands of sources, only eVerify actually delivers this each time.

When conducting an online comparison of the services for myself, it clearly stood out from the rest. All of the information was provided swiftly for a fair price and it was all accurate. Information that was provided ranged social media profile information to marriage records to criminal records. This is by far the very best online criminal background option regardless as to why the check is needed or desired.

All the services mentioned above offer much in terms of features and can be a handy tool in doing a background check. However, eVerify simply offers the most in terms of features and value. The other three (3) might be good alternatives if you want to search through a large database of records.